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Kunfu Products "The Shanghai brand-name products"
April 8, 2008 at the Shanghai International Convention Center held in Shanghai promoting the work of the famous. The meeting, announced the 2007 Shanghai famous brand products of the findings, in the end produced a 452 brand-name products, services and 56 famous brand name two pilot regions, HU Yan Zhao, mayor of Shanghai attended the meeting. Kunfu  group product won the "Shanghai famous brand products," the title.
After comprehensive evaluation and market assessment, the year 2007 the city generated a total of 452 brand-name products, services and 56 famous brand name two pilot projects. At the same time, the city has several brand-name products in China have made new breakthroughs, reaching 38 for most of the calendar year. At present, Shanghai has accumulated 85 brand-name products in China and a world famous brand products in China.
2008, the city will support a number of consumer brands, enabling a number of brands and equipment category, a group of high-tech training class brand, brand development of a number of services to help a number of large enterprise groups strength of the entry into the world top 500, and strive to China's brand-name products so that the city has a total break 100.
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